Cork is light, quiet and safe. Compared to wood, cork allows a greater variety of building ideas. Cork adheres slightly to each other and the building blocks are more stable.


Through the use of modern technology and specialized knowledge, we are able to offer a premium toy that parents can trust. The high-quality and safe KORXX material is created by modern and gentle processing.

The KORXX products were tested by independent and certified test laboratories:

  • SLG Testing and Certification GmbH
  • ATIM – centro de apoio tecnológico à indústria metalomecânica


Our goal is to offer the child a lot of fun while playing. If it is also produced with our planet in mind, we have done it right. This also requires that all our products are natural and are only processed with materials that do not endanger or burden your child.

Material: cork granules pressed – cork is a natural material, which is free from pollutants. The product is durable and recyclable. It is produced from renewable raw materials.

Origin: The cork is obtained from a FSC certified forestry.

Color: Highest industrial standard / 100% antiallergic / no detectable pollutants (aromas, plasticizers / phthalates, heavy metals).

CE       ASTM

All fabrics meet the European standard for children’s toys DIN EN 71.
We have also tested and certified our products according to American and Australian guidelines (AS / NZS ISO 8124).