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Naturspielzeug Kinder
Naturspielzeug Kinder
Bausteine aus Kork

KORXX – cork toys

The use of cork blocks offer an even greater range of play and learning possibilities than wooden building blocks. More than traditional wooden building blocks, KORXX cork building blocks allow, among other things, a wider range of free and imaginative playing, building and design.

KORXX cork building blocks are

  • silent and soft
  • lovely and light
  • stable and safe
  • clever and clean

Cork has a pleasant smell.

It is a natural material that is free of pollutants.
The slight friction between the block surfaces allows stable construction without slipping.

Holds the attention for a long time

From the age of one and up, KORXX cork building blocks fascinate with their endless variations.

What and where?

They allow, among other things, free building of houses, castles, zoos, car parks, towers, pyramids, walls and everything that the imagination can dream up.
And they are not just for playingin the house – but also in the garden and in water

Educational valuable toy

Even more than hard wooden building blocks, they engage the creativity of the player. When KORXX cork building blocks are used by small children, they also promote fine motor skills – KORXX promotes abstraction – Children stay involved through of the fun of playing and the successful experiences that result in an increase of self-confidence.

Quality and safety

Cork  is also safe for small children to handle – more so than wooden blocks.
The exceptionally good stability of the stones allows a stable construction without slipping.
The material is cork granules pressed together.  Cork is a natural material that is free of pollutants. The product is durable and recyclable, made from renewable raw materials and harvested in keeping with sustainable forestry practices.

Color: Highest industrial standard / 100% antiallergic / no detectable harmful substances (flavors, plasticizers / phthalates, heavy metals)
Test toy safety: CE, ASTM, ASZ / NZ tested.


KORXX can be washed with hot water. KORXX cork building blocks can also be put in boiling water for up to a minute without suffering any damage. In case of extremely heavy soiling, the water can also be mixed with a neutral, “child-friendly” cleaner. In very hard cases or in case of damage, the material can also be sanded.

Awards in the fields of quality, safety, design:

  • Bewegte Innovation Award 2016
  • Silver Design Award 2015
  • Golden Award with the Practical Preschool 2014
  • “Spiel Gut” Award (2012,2013,2014)
  • Nomination of Toy Award Toy Fair Nürnberg 2013 Category Pre-school
  • Nomination “Das goldene Schaukelpferd”
  • Award “Spielzeugratgeber” 2013