Free and independent playing (as a learning process)

When children play, it is their way to be curious, to discover, and to understand. They have a natural urge to develop further, to explore and conceive the world around them. A continuous and individual learning process evolves, from crawling over sitting until their first independent steps.

Playing is a child’s way to learn. They develop and unfold skills by trying different things and finding out how these function. Foremost, however, children want to play freely and autonomously.

Using toys to encourage your child’s development

With our natural toy blocks made of cork, children can become creative and assume the liberty to let their imagination run free. The variety of the toy blocks with their different forms and sizes offers support to a child’s growing process. They learn in a playful way how to handle their individual motions and movements, thereby discovering new possibilities and abilities. Frequent playing helps improve their self-esteem and boosts confidence about their own actions. The key to all of this is the fun behind it.

By means of their clear and handy shape, the Cuboid Starter are particularly suitable for children as of 1 year of age. The toy blocks are easy to grab which facilitates building something with them. This functional aspect goes hand in hand with pedagogic motives since various skills children need to advance are subconsciously trained. The act of constructing small buildings with toy blocs supports their sense of touch. Once a building is successfully completed, this accomplishment motivates children to build more and meet new challenges.

Likewise, the Cork Ship portrays an ideal toy to explore personal abilities even for the very little ones. The Cork Ship consists of a hull and two funnels which can be put together. Yet, the best aspect is its ability to actually swim. Whether in the bathtub or the swimming pool, your child will not miss out the fun experience of playing “on the high seas”.

For those children aspiring to build finer constructions, the elements and blocks of the Form series serve as the perfect tool. Their manifold forms and sizes allow for more complexity and creativity. There are no barriers to your child’s imagination with our colourful variety of toy blocks, comprising quadrats, rectangles, circles, triangles, and pillars. Thus, skills like creativity, ingenuity, and a feeling for three-dimensionality are encouraged in a ludic manner.

A special challenge are the globose toy blocks included in the Bal-lu series. In order to keep them together and build a tower or similar constructions, indentations within the ball-like forms require the child to put these pointedly together. In addition to aforementioned skills, logical thinking and a sense of balance are trained.

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