Best organic material for children. 100% sustainable.

Fair and sustainable. Cut by hand.

Fun, happiness and responsibility – with sustainable eco-toys.

100% Eco-friendly – It would be near-impossible to find a more sustainable material than a cork tree.  A cork oak must grow 20-30 years until you can initially harvest the bark. After that, the tree can be harvested every 9 years. The bark (cork) must be peeled from the tree by hand. A cork oak can be cultivated for more than 100 years and binds an enormous amount of CO2 to help our planet. This helps the climate to remain stable. A cork oak, whose bark is regularly removed, even bind 3 times more CO2 than unharvested trees. No other tree binds as much CO2 as the cork oaks. It is one of the best materials possible for use in ecologically friendly toys.

A special production process that sensitively uses components such as time, pressure and heat creates a natural cork material – proven to be free of pollutants. This makes it possible for us to produce a stable and safe composite material while preserving the great natural qualities of cork. The cork for the KORXX building blocks is obtained from a FSC certified forestry.

Our eco toy is tested in accordance with the European standard for safety of toys DIN EN 71 CE and with U.S. ASTM standards, as is true with the materials of our suppliers. We strive to keep the children’s rooms, kindergartens and schools as free as possible from plastic toys, which can be loaded with environmentally unfriendly substances.

KORXX – naturally creative

KORXX is “cork eco”.

What makes KORXX different from the cork material you know from the DIY market?

The cork material from which the KORXX building blocks are manufactured can not be compared with the conventional cork material from the industry. The KORXX cork material is a special pressed cork material which is produced for PLES GmbH.

Conventional pressed cork material is not suitable for use for children’s toys due to certain pollutant emission levels. This is not due to the natural cork itself but to the substances which are still added to the cork to obtain a certain strength or other property. These material properties are adapted to specific industrial requirements and have their use and justification but are not appropriate for children’s toys and certainly not for eco-friendly toys.

With KORXX, cork becomes “cork eco”. The new and gentle processing results in the high-quality and safe KORXX material.

KORXX building blocks can therefore be called with good conscience and demonstrably ecologically friendly toys. Through the use of modern technology and specialized knowledge, we have been able to offer a premium toy that parents can trust and whose purchase is worth its price.

This is confirmed by numerous tests carried out worldwide:

  • ASTM (US toy safety regulations)
  • CE EN71 (European safety standard)
  • AS / NZS ISO 8124.3 (Australian / New Zealand toy safety standard)
  • KORXX has a valid toy license for the Japanese market
  • Physical safety, detection of pollutants (heavy metals, phatalates / softeners, flavor)
  • Safe colors designed specifically for KORXX.

The Korxx products were tested by independent and certified testing laboratories.

  • SLG Testing and Certification GmbH
  • CATIM – centro de apoio tecnológico à indústria metalomecânica

The cork for the KORXX building blocks is obtained from a FSC certified forestry.